Amalfi Coast, Pompeii Ruins and Naples in Four Days | Complete Guide 2024


by Giuseppe Morvillo

Explore Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in four days! From Sorrento’s quaint streets to the wonders of Capri, Pompeii’s ruins, and Naples’ culinary delights, this itinerary covers must-see sights, architecture, landscapes, and delicious restaurants.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Visiting Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in four days? Spend your time in Sorrento discovering the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Pompeii Ruins and Naples the right way!. Find here must-see sights, architecture, landscapes, delicious restaurants.

Four Days in Sorrento Itinerary – Complete Guide 2024

Visit Capri island, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii Ruins and Naples

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is so much to see in so little time so we have put together for you our top tips and suggestions in the best four day itinerary to visit Sorrento and the surroundins area. Although four nights is still not enough time to discover the beautiful wonders of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, with our detailed guides and itinerary we can ensure you will see the very best of these beautiful coastal towns and historic attractions.






  • Day 1:  Discover the island of Capri and the Blue Grotto, with our amazing hand picked Capri Boat Tour. On your return, we will visit the Old Town of Sorrento and after enjoy an sunset aperitif and lastly dinner in one of the Best Restaurants in Sorrento.
  • Day 2:  Enjoy a full day on the Amalfi Coast and visit all of the beautiful iconic towns: Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello. Once returning to Sorrento, I reccomend you to visit one of the most beautiful rooftop cocktail bars in Sorrento and dine by the sea, in the charming village of Marina Grande.
  • Day 3: On the third day you will enjoy a visit to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius with our tour, as well as experiencing a traditional wine tasting in a local vineyard: the best of the italian culture in one day. Lastly, enjoy a beautiful dinner in the heart of Sorrento, in a local restaurant.
  • Day 4: On the final day we will visit the City of Naples, it’s Old Town and it’s hidden beautiful sites. You will also have the experience to taste the best pizza in Italy, in the heart of Naples.

Highlights of Your Four Days Itinerary in Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

Day 1: Capri Island Tour & Sorrento Old Town

  • Discover the Island of Capri & its Grottos with our Day Tour
  • Return to Sorrento and visit of Villa Comunale and Cloister of St.Francis
  • Aperitif at sunset in the most exclusive terrace with view
  • Delightful gastronomic experience in Sorrento Old Town

To experience Capri island from Sorrento at the best you need to wake up early and first enjoy a cup of italian espresso to kick start your day: if you want to enjoy a coffee at the counter, Bar Fauno has always been one of the most popular bars in Sorrento in addition to a wide choice of croissants, brioches, pastries, local desserts and cakes, you must enjoy it with an excellent Neapolitan coffee. Discover all of my local suggestions here for the 6 Best Places for Coffee in Sorrento.

Every day thousands of visitors visit the island of Capri from Sorrento by shared or private boat tours. Especially during Summer, if you don’t book in advance you can find yourself joining a low quality boat tour with no experienced skippers. In Sorrento, dozens of companies offer daily tours to Capri and after years of testing, experience and listening to hundreds of reviews from visitors who joined and shared their experiences, I strongly recommend two reliable skippers who ensure unforgettable days.

Find more about the best tour to visit Capri in one day by clicking on the link below: you will see the most of the island and experience an exclusive day at a reasonable price, without the crowds of large boats because the limited number of people, and above, all you can relax avoiding queues at the boardings. You’re welcome to contact me here to find out more about this experience, discuss your travel plans and get the best tips and advice from a local.

EXPLORE Capri Island


Lowest Fare | Private & Shared

Once arriving back in Sorrento, enjoy a visit to the Villa Comunale, with its beautiful gardens and marvellous terrace overlooking the Gulf of ​​Sorrento, the Church of San Francesco and its Cloister, the Sedile Dominova in the Old Town and finally, taste one of the best “gelato” in Italy, at Raki’s.

After taking an evening nap, get ready to visit the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, the most exclusive hotel in Sorrento, it is the most famous terrace on the Sorrento Peninsula. It is open to the public, and is an exclusive spot where you can enjoy a fabulous evening, either sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying an Aperol Spritz with a magnificent view of the Gulf of Naples, this Terrace is priceless and breathtaking.

Terrazza Vittoria

Piazza Tasso, 34 80067, Sorrento, Italy
+ 39 081 877 7111
Italian, Hotel, Cocktail Bar

In this guide, I hand picked the best authentic restaurants to make you live delightful and authentic gastronomic experiences in Sorrento. On the first night, let’s start with l’Antica Trattoria, one of the most delicious restaurants of our peninsula and is certainly among those we recommend to live an original experience. Enjoy an evening savouring and experiencing the flavours and recipes of the Sorrentina gastronomic culture.

Excellent for the quality of the products, for the location and type of food served, it is value for money. A perfect mix of traditional recipes and innovation, the Chef continually amazes with his dishes made from ingredients from our territory. You will also find fantastic and friendly staff.

Antica Trattoria

Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani, 33, 80067 Sorrento NA
081 8071082
Italian, Fine Restaurant

Day 2: Amalfi Coast tour & Dinner by the Sea in Sorrento

  • Visit The Amalfi Coast with Our Complete One Day Tour
  • Visit Positano, Praiano, Amalfi & Ravello
  • Aperitif on the Panoramic Terrace at Sunset
  • Dinner by the Sea in Marina Grande

Our guided tour of the Amalfi Coast is  one of the most fascinating experiences ever. In Sorrento, dozens of companies offer organised tours of the Amalfi Coast and after many years of experience, walks and after listening to hundreds of reviews, there are two drivers that we highly recommend to ensure you have an unforgettable day. Contact us, if you want to live an exclusive day on the Amalfi Coast at a much more reasonable price, with qualified drivers who know every corner of our land and with the ability to customise and above all allow you to live an authentic experience, real and enriching. 

You’re welcome to contact me here to find out more about this experience, discuss your travel plans and get the best tips and advice from a local.

  • The first stop on the Amalfi Coast will be Positano, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: here you can walk through the streets and shops selling linen clothes, admire the Spiaggia Grande and take some photos and if you have some time left, visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta.
  • Our next stop is Amalfi, passing through the pretty villages of Praiano, Furore and Conca dei Marini. In Amalfi, a historic maritime republic and commercial destination, in addition to a stop at the historic Bar Pansa, we recommend a visit to the Amalfi Cathedral and its Cloister, the historic centre and the promenade are simply a few of the places you cannot miss.
  • The last stop in the picture perfect town of Ravello, this romantic village perched on the Amalfi mountains, is where you can admire the most spectacular views of the coast, with a view of Minori and Maiori. During your free time, we advise you to stroll between the Vescovado square and its alleys, or visit the splendid Villa Rufolo, a 13th century villa with the famous gardens overlooking the sea.

EXPLORE Amalfi Coast


By Sea & Land | Private & Shared

Back in Sorrento, dressed in your fresh linen shirt for the men and a pastel-coloured evening gown for the women, we walk in the direction of one the hotels with the most exclusive panoramic terraces in Sorrento, The Bellavista Terrace of the La Favorita Hotel. Located on the top floor of the luxurious Hotel la Favorita, the Bellavista terrace displays a breathtaking view and embodies a fairytale atmosphere. At reasonable prices, in an informal but luxurious environment, you can sip tasty cocktails and continue your dinner at the restaurant on the terrace, nothing short of fantastic!

Grand Hotel la Favorita

Via Torquato Tasso 61, 80067, Sorrento, Italy
+ 39 081 878 2031
Cocktail, Fine Dining, Sea View

After enjoying a spritz on the Terrace Bellavista, we are going to enjoy a dinner by the Sea in Marina Grande. The Marina greets you in all of its beauty and we guarantee you will capture this moment in a great photo or video. Considered by many as their favourite place in Sorrento, Marina Grande is definitely worth a visit.  This old colourful and picturesque fishing village on the edge of the bay is a great place to have a drink on the side of the dock and grab something to eat. 

You can find a lot of local trattorias with good meals at reasonable prices and waterfront restaurants with a buzzing atmosphere. During the summer, and especially on weekends, evenings are very busy for dinner. I do recommend to have lunch at Trattoria da Emilia, one of the most historic authentic restaurants owned by a local family from the Marina. 

During the Summer months this area can become very crowded and difficult to make reservations at the restaurants, espcially in the evenings. Since I am a regular at most of these resturants, and being a local myself, I have gained some great connections and friendships with the restaurant and beach club owners in Marina Grande. Feel free to contact me directly here if you need help making a reservation or simply want to know more about Marina Grande, what to do, where to eat or visit.

Trattoria da Emilia

Via Marina Grande 62, 80067, Sorrento, Italy
+ 39 081 807 2720
Italian Cuisine, Seafood

Day 3: Pompeii Ruins & Wine tasting in a Local Vineyard

  • Breakfast at a Local Patisserie
  • Arrival to Pompeii Ruins and Tour
  • Wine Tasting and Lunch in a Local Vineyard
  • Aperitif with a Sea View and Dinner in L’Abate Restaurant

The third day will start with a delicious breakfast, Italian style, in Meta di Sorrento, at the ‘Bar Romano’ very famous for its delicious pastries.  After having a nice breakfast your journey can finally begin and you’ll enjoy a nice and conformable ride to Pompeii with the sea on your left side and the mountains and Vesuvius right in front of you. The best kind of you to start your day, so get your camera ready, there will be many more picture perfect opportunities like this one.

Bar Romano

Corso Italia 35/37, 80062, Meta, Italy

Pompeii is Italy’s most famous archeological site, in fact no other ancient town has been brought to life so completely vivid as this one. This unique Roman city invites visitors from all over the world, this is why its best you start your day quite early to enjoy this experience in the best way. We recommend a private tour, especially if you’re in a group of four people or more. After many years of experience and our hundreds of review, we are in touch with two of the most professional, reliable and English speaking drivers that will provide you with the most unforgettable and magical experience.

Once you have arrived at Pompeii you will most likely start to see a queue but if you book a private tour guide with us that will help you to skip the queue and full immerse yourself into the history and culture of Pompeii and they will be able to give you in-depth knowledge and stories that you otherwise might not hear if you decided to do the tour independently. 

You can visit stunning roman Villas with magnificent mosaics, temples and thermal baths. Usually the tour lasts two to three hours, if you also visit the theatre and amphitheatre. For more information regarding our local and professional drivers or tours and experiences you can contact me directly here.



Private & Shared Tours

After your historical immersion in Pompeii, you will have the possibility to experience a traditional Italian wine tasting experience, you’ll sip and taste five different types of wines, including also the famous Lachrima Christi which is considered one of Italy’s best wines, combined with a delicious lunch with the stunning vineyard view.

Back in Sorrento, after a refreshing shower, wear your most beautiful dress or favourite linen shirt and take yourself towards the city centre, walking along Corso Italia, Piazza Tasso and getting lost in the most characteristic alleys of Sorrento Old TownI know you are tired and all you want is to take a break from the intensive day trip spent in Pompeii, but if you walk a little it is worth taking an apéritif at the Marina Piccola, at Peters’ Beach, where there is a fairytale atmosphere by the sea.

Peter’s beach is a beach club by day, and at sunset it turns first into a cocktail bar and then into a restaurant. The jazz music in the background combined with the sounds of the waves of the sea, just adds that extra special touch to an already magical evening, while the sunset caresses the coast of Sorrento and displays the beautiful colours in the blue of the bay.

After enjoying your drink or glass of wine you can return back to Sorrento centre and in a few minutes, you will find yourself back in the heart of the city and it is here that I advise you to stop for dinner at the restaurant called, L’Abate in Piazza Sant’Antonino. Situated in this elegant square, you will have several choices to chose from on the menu, from pasta, fresh fish and meat. Don’t forget to ask from a limoncello at the end of your dinner and experience the taste of Sorrento.

After dinner you can stop for a drink at the stylish cocktail bar called d’Anton set in front of the restaurant, finely furnished and decorated or if you want to hear live music and dance, head to the Filou Club or Fauno Tasso. Enjoy your last night in Sorrento in style!

L'Abate Restaurant

Piazza S. Antonino 24, 80067, Sorrento, Italy
+39 081 807 23 04
Italian, Restaurant, Bar

Day 4: Naples Old Town tour & best pizza experience

  • Naples Tour of the Old Town and its Underground
  • Best Pizza in Naples & Ice Cream Stop
  • Duomo of Naples, Museum and Teatro San Carlo
  • Dinner at Cantinaccia del Popolo

After our relaxing journey by car of about an hour, we arrive in the City of Naples and as always the first thing you can notice to your left is the beautiful cobalt blue colour of the sea.  In the city of Naples, you can find in almost every alley a small sign of history, from which you can learn the various fears, beliefs and superstitions of Neapolitans. One of the main streets of the historic centre of Naples is the famous “Spaccanapoli”, which practically divides the city in two. 

One of the most beautiful and romantic locations that you can visit are the Majolica cloister of St. Clare and the Cappella Museum of San Severo where you can admire one of the best sculptural works ever made in the world is found: Veiled Christ.  Taking in all of the art and a lot of walking and exploring only make us think of a single thing, time for the Neapolitan pizza. I recommend one of the best pizzerias Neapolitan, among other things also close to our next stop, Naples underground.

Close by to the chapel of San Severo, you will find the famous and tasty pizzeria of Antonio and Gino Sorbillo, a surname that only reminds me of mouthwatering pizza! You can go for the classic but delicious Margherita, we are sure you will never have tasted it this good anywhere else, to the most complete topped with a variety of seasonal products.

Pizzeria Sorbillo

Via Dei Tribunali 38, 80138, Naples, Italy
+39 081 033 1009
Italian, Pizza, Bar

As we walk quietly through the streets of the city, just below our feet another city is hidden: the so-called underground Naples. Incredible work of civil engineering, it is a must place to visit in Naples, started in the III century B.C. by the ancient Greeks and enlarged later by the Romans to build the first Neapolitan aqueduct. After our long visit of Naples underground and having digested all of the pizza eaten a few hours before, we give ourselves another little break, crossing once again the alleys of the old town remaining each time amazed by something new.

In the late afternoon, what better snack than a delicious Italian ice cream? A few minutes from the Naples underground entrance there is one of the best ice cream shops in the whole region, Casa Infante, with their wide choice of tastes, cones, creams and desserts we will delight our palate once again.  For those who aren’t lovers of sweets, what better snacks if not a wonderful fried pizza known as ”portafogli”? One of the best delicacies that Neapolitan street food can offer. By now you will have realised that it is almost impossible to go to Naples and not put on a few pounds in a matter of days, or even hours!

For those who love shopping we suggest a visit to Corso Umberto I, where there are all the best Italian brands, or in Via Toledo, and if you have the chance do not miss a little visit in the Metro Toledo, one of the most beautiful stations in Europe, you will be amazed. For those who still have energy and desire to discover more, always a few minutes from our last stop there is the Duomo of Naples and the Museum of the Treasury of San Gennaro, one of the richest and finest in the world.  It is the symbol of the saint and is exhibited every year in the Duomo with the celebration of the saint and the Miracle of liquefaction.

If luckily, on that evening there may be a play at Teatro San Carlo, I would strongly recommend to conclude your wonderful day in Naples visiting the largest and most fascinating opera house in the world or return back to Sorrento.

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