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by Giuseppe Morvillo

Exploring Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast in October 2024? Dive into our comprehensive guide for insights on must-do activities, upcoming events, weather forecasts, optimal activities, and expert recommendations to enhance your experience.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Exploring Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast in October 2024? Dive into our comprehensive guide for insights on must-do activities, upcoming events, weather forecasts, optimal activities, and expert recommendations to enhance your experience.

Visiting Sorrento in October 2024 – The Complete Guide

If you’re planning to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast in October, we’ve put together for you some very useful information for organising and planning you trip, ideas on how to better enjoy the fabulous Coast. Looking to visit the most popular sites? Why not, there are many beautiful local spots that are not advertised heavily and we guarantee the memories you make there will be engraved in your heart forever.

During the month of October, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is a great choice for those who are looking for enchanting views without the stress of the summer crowds. The charm of the coastal towns, pretty colours and relaxing atmosphere will accompany with on journey and you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world, during on the best times of the year.

Visiting Sorrento in October

Things to Do and Events

Aperitif on Sea View Terraces

Although the days are getting cooler, in the evening the temperature and atmosphere is still great to enjoy a Sunset Aperitif on a Sea View Terrace in Sorrento. There are two spectacular hotel terraces that we suggest to have an unforgettable evening in Sorrento.

Terrazza Bellavista at Hotel La favorita

Located on the top floor of the luxurious Hotel la Favorita, the Bellavista terrace displays a breathtaking view and a fairytale atmosphere. At great and affordable prices, in an informal but luxurious environment, you can sip tasty cocktails and continue your dinner at the restaurant on the terrace, simply amazing.

Vittoria Terrace at Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Located in the most exclusive hotel in Sorrento, Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, the most famous terrace of the Sorrento peninsula is open to the public to enjoy a fairytale evening: sipping a glass of wine with the magnificent view of the Gulf of Naples from Terrazza Vittoria really has more than an extraordinary atmosphere. The Excelsior Vittoria hotel, located in Piazza Tasso, is an award-winning luxury hotel in the heart of Sorrento, it is truly worth treating yourself to an unforgettable moment in a special location and get some great pictures of the view.

Relaxing Beach Day

With summer coming to an end and with a touch of nostalgia, us locals always like to appreciate every ray of sunshine. October is still a perfect month to enjoy the beautiful blue sea and the relaxing days on the beach. In fact, one of the most common questions from our guest is: is it still possible to go to the beach in October? The answer is yes! Of course it’s possible and if you’re planning to stay longer than usual, you absolutely must enjoy at least one day on the beautiful beaches of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Spending half of the day on the beach in October is just as good for your mental as well as your physical health. Most of the bathing facilities have already closed down at the end of September and only a few beaches are still equipped during the month of October as not all of the coast is sheltered from the crisp autumn winds and at the same time remains sun-kissed throughout the year.

Meta di Sorrento beach possesses both of these characteristics also during the winter months, the sun shines in the sky allowing you to enjoy a warmer temperature more than any other coastal area to its unique exposure to the sun all year round, from sunrise to sunset. I can guarantee that when the sun shines, whether it is October or January, its always the right time to enjoy a few hours by the sea and enjoy Spaghetti with fresh clams or simply a stuffed Caprese sandwich, priceless.

Explore Sorrento’s Old Town

Considered the heart of Sorrento, the Old Town is a mixture of little streets anchored by Piazza Tasso and Via Capo at end each and nestled between Corso Italia and the coastline. There is nothing that can beat the magic of getting lost in the narrow alleys of the historic centre of Sorrento in the early afternoon silence, among centuries-old buildings and sturdy wooden doors. The temptation to enjoy a delicious dinner by the sea in the company of fishing boats returning from the gulf with seagulls flying around the fishermen’s nets is one we are sure you’ll give in to.

October is also this, cooler winds that blow between the sheets spread out on the balconies that vibrate between the sounds of mostly Italian voices. If you’re wanting to experience life like a local and see how we live, The Old Town gives you a great insight into that. You can discover more places to visit in our Complete Guide of Sorrento: One day in Sorrento, the Ultimate Travel Guide



Travel Tips | Local Suggestions

Amalfi Coast and Path of the Gods Tour

It is truly pleasant to travel on the Amalfi coast in this period of the year as the streets are gradually emptying, the sunsets offer breathtaking colours and the landscapes fill with shades that waver from the green of the olive trees to the bright blue of the sea. A great advantage of doing this tour and exploring the pretty coastal towns in October is because the summer crowds have now left and you can really taking in all the culture, beauty and history at your own pace.

In addition to the more classic excursion on the Amalfi Coast with one of our local and experienced drivers specialised in the landscapes and villages of the “divine costiera”, departing from Sorrento and reaching Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello, there is a path that is worth discover to touch the tip of the sky and admire the beauty of Creation: The Path of the Gods.

Departing every morning at 8am, Nino, our experienced and qualified guide, organises a daily tour to the path of the Gods with lunch at a local shepherd, a walk with an astonishing view and a memory to remember imprinted in your heart for many, many years. If you’re a lover of outdoor activities and exploring beautiful trails you can find out more of what our Path of the Gods Tour includes here. 

Capri Boat Tour

Whether your trip is for two, three or a few more days, you cannot miss a day on the boat leaving from Sorrento to Capri to discover the Blue Grotto and the beauties hidden on the Blue Island. Since the off-peak season has started again, it will be very pleasant and relaxing to visit the island during this month as you won’t experience long waiting times and queues to see the attractions.

Our Capri Boat Tour from Sorrento gives you the opportunity to visit the fascinating island by yacht with your family, friends or partner. Known worldwide for its beautiful grottos and amongst all, the Blue Grotto, which is one of the most visited attractions on the island.

Weather and Temperature

During the month of October, the weather tends to be a little cooler than in the summer months that have now passed. You can experience some of the most beautiful sunsets that will make you fall in love and make you feel at peace. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of afternoons on the beach, the temperature is milder making it the perfect time to sip on a glass of wine by the sea on the warmer shores of the coast.






  • Humidity 70% 70%
  • Chance of Rain 11,3% 11,3%

What to Pack

If you decide to come on holiday in October, please do not forget to bring your costume, it is always the right time for a regenerating dip and a light tan, especially when the days are sunny! There is always room for a swimming costume in any suitcase: Do you really think if you’re going on a daily tour to Capri you can resist the temptation of taking a dip into the blue, clear waters of the island? The evenings can be chilly so it’s always a good idea to have a sweater or cardigan should you need it.

5 Reasons to Visit

1. Beautiful Beach Days

October is still a great month to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful day on the beach, the weather is still nice and warm with a nice cool breeze in the evening.

2. Explore The Old Town

Wonder the beautiful ancient streets of Sorrento’s Old Town without the summer crowds, enjoy a meal or drink at one of the many bars and restaurants.

3. Experience Sorrento & The Amalfi Coast

This is one of the best times of the year to really explore Sorrento as well as the many little towns on the Amalfi Coast. The weather is still mild and there will be some sunny days great for you to enjoy exploring and taking in the culture and history of the South of Italy.

4. Discover the Island of Capri

You can have a very pleasant and relaxing experience when visiting Capri during this month as there are naturally less crowds and really take your time to explore the island in all its beauty.

5. Experience the true Italian lifestyle

As the summer crowds have now dispersed you can make the most of this calmer season to experience the true Italian lifestyle after the summer visitors have returned. Enjoy beautiful meals in one of the local restaurants and explore the Old Town.




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