Top 3 Beaches on the Sorrento Coast | Complete Guide

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by Giuseppe Morvillo

Explore the top three beaches on the Sorrento Coast for summer 2024! Our complete guide features friendly beaches, private beach clubs, and public beach options.

by Giuseppe Morvillo
Explore the top three beaches on the Sorrento Coast for summer 2024! Our complete guide features friendly beaches, private beach clubs, and public beach options.

Best Beaches on the Sorrento Coast

Looking to experience a picturesque, less crowded beach day in the eyes of a local? Then the beaches on the Sorrento Coast will be perfect for you. Located between the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast you can find the town of Massa Lubrense which has many beautiful white pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters. In this article we have put together a list of the best beaches for you to visit, especially if you’re a lover of unspoiled nature and breathtaking views. As well as a few amazing local restaurants of high quality and unforgettable dishes.

Marina di Puolo

One of the biggest beaches here on the Sorrento Coast, Marina di Puolo has up to one kilometre of pebbled and black sandy beach. There are public and private areas for a charge and prices are more or less the same for all of the beach clubs in this area, the beach is also dog friendly. If you’re wanting to spend the whole day at the beach there are also several seafood restaurants all within a few metres distance, no better place to have a seaside lunch.

This beach is also perfect for those who are on a family holiday with children or those looking for the continence of parking, in fact Marina di Puolo is only reachable directly by car and has secure parking just a few metres from the sea. However if you don’t have access to a car, you can also take the bus line A in the direction of Massa Lubrense from Via Degli Aranci. The bus will stop next to the road in which cars are able to descend and there will be a 20 minute walk to arrive a the beaches.

Marina di Puolo

Via Marina di Puolo, Città Metropolitana di Napoli

Marina del Cantone

Also known as Nerano Bay, The Marina del Cantone is a pebbled beach located on the Sorrento Coast. Situated between two other beaches, the Bay of Ieranto and the beach of Recommone that we will tell you about a little later. Here you will find mostly beach clubs with sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms and restaurants. There is also a small public beach where you can lay your towels down and enjoy the clean and clear water of this bay. 

This Bay has many visitors and is preferred by locals, it can get very crowded in the hottest months of the year, especially because the water of the sea has for years conquered the blue flag award. We recommend visiting the many restaurants by the sea and a must-have typical dish of this area is the famous Spaghetti alla Nerano, we’ve listed below a few options for you.

Marina del Cantone Sorrento Coast Beaches

Marina del Cantone

Marina del Cantone, 80061, Napoli

Baia di Ieranto

Perfect for lovers of unspoiled nature and picturesque walks, the Bay of Ieranto is highly recommended by us. It’s also a protected area by the FAI Association, Ieranto Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. This charming bay has crystal clear water, white pebbles and a spectacular view of the island of Capri and the famous Faraglioni.

Even in the warmer months, it does not get crowded like the other beaches mentioned, so is great for those who want to spend a quiet day at sea with only the sound of nature, as it’s forbidden ever for motor boats to approach this bay. In short, this is a real paradise for lovers of the sea.

How to get there:

To reach this bay you will need to arrive in Termini and take the street Via del Monte. From here you will begin your journey by foot walking through the beautiful unspoiled nature surrounded by the typical Mediterranean shrub, your eyes will be transfixed by the amazing landscape of the sea and of Capri.

Taking this route is about 30 minutes and there won’t be many place to stop in the shade, so we advise if you would like to take this route to go early in the morning and return later in the afternoon to avoid feeling uncomfortable with the sun beating down on you. When you arrive at the bay there is also a small restaurant and bar where you can stop for a lunch or a coffee.

Car: Go towards Massa Lubrense and then follow the directions, or with help from a GPS.

Bus: Take the Sita bus towards Nerano and get off the nearest stop at Via del Monte.

Beach Clubs

Baia di Ieranto

Via Ieranto, 80061, Massa Lubrense, Napoli

Recommone’s Beach

The small bay of Recommone is another pebbled beach with a single bathing establishment, the Conca of the Dream, with an area also for public access. The water is crystal clear with white pebbles and is nestled between two cliffs sheltered from the wind. Here you can enjoy the best of the sun, the bathing establishment there also has a great restaurant, with a menu always based on fresh fish and is also open in the evening.

Racommone’s Beach is very famous and well known, don’t be surprised if you happen to spot and recognise a few famous faces dancing or dining on the fantastic terrace of the Conca Dei Sogni, one of the coolest places on the coast. A number of yachts are docked in the bay facing the restaurant and it is one of the most requested destinations by our American customers. Again we recommend you to try the raw seafood mixed appetiser as well as one of their most famous dishes, Pasta with taratufi which consists of fresh basil, parmesan cheese and sea truffles.

How to get there 

By Foot: From the Marina del Cantone there is a small footpath which will take you around 15 minutes to arrive at the beach.

By Car: Always heading in the direction of Nerano and keep turning to follow the directions towards the bay.

By Bus: Take the Sita bus from the station of Sorrento in the direction of Nerano and get off at the Marina del Cantone stop, then take the small foot path. 

Recommone Beach Club

Via Recommone 6, 80061 Massa Lubrense, Napoli

Mary’s Beach

Situated right on the large beach of Nerano, Mary’s Beach is one of the historic beach clubs of Marina del Cantone where it’s possible to rent an umbrella, a deckchair or a sun-bed directly on the stones. It’s also possible to have lunch there from an excellent spaghetti alla Nerano to a delicious light salad.

MARY'S beach

Piazza Marina del Cantone, 52/58, 80061, Marina del Cantone Napoli

I Sassi

Considered on of the coolest beach clubs on the Sorrento Peninsula, I Sassi beach club is the perfect place to go if you want to experience a romantic day, without chaos and surrounded by nature. Located at the beginning of the bay, in addition to free parking, the beach club offers a restaurant on the terrace and a pier with boat service. We recommend you make a reservation in advance.

I Sassi

Via Amerigo Vespucci 33, 80061 Nerano, Massa Lubrense, Italia

Capo la Gala

Hidden inside the cliffs edge with its infinite shades of blue seas, aromatic lemon trees and rocky cliff that characterises the landscape of this part of coast, you will find the Hotel Capo La Gala and Wellness, located in Vico Equense. Why not also make use of the Hotel’s Infinity Pool and Hydromassage pool for that extra Luxury experience? We highly recommend visiting here with you partner especially if celebrating a special occasion as the environment and atmosphere is very serene and romantic.


Capo la Gala

Via Luigi Serio 8 Sorrento Coast road, 80069, Vico Equense, Italy
+ 39 081 801 5757
Italian, Beach Club, Restaurant

Ristorante Le Sirene

Enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner here full of wonderful local flavours from fresh seafood, to traditional pasta dishes and homemade desserts there is something for everyone here. Le Sirene restaurant is know for its excellent service, also great value for money and has an amazing atmosphere, what more could you ask for? We recommend you to try the house appetiser which is perfect for sharing. This dish consists of fresh Caprese salad, aubergine parmigiana, mixed dishes of fish and meat and fried anchovies stuffed with smoked mozzarella. They also cater for special diets and have options for those who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten intolerant.

Ristorante Le Sirene

Via Marina del Cantone c/o Hotel Le Sirene, Nerano, Massa Lubrense, Napoli
+39 081 808 1771
Italian, Seafood Restaurant

Lo Scoglio Da Tommaso

Often visited by many celebrities and VIP’s, Lo Scoglio da Tommaso has a very prestigious level of excellence and quality. Set on the coast, this restaurant overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea creating the atmosphere and is great for those who want to dine in style. Known for it’s delicious raw seafood dish including oysters, muscles and prawns topped with lemon juice and pepper, this is one of those dishes you absolutely must try. The owner also has his own garden where he grows a variety of vegetables often used in his dishes.

Lo Scoglio da Tommaso

Piazza delle Sirene 15, 80061 Nerano, Massa Lubrense, Napoli
+39 081 808 1026
Italian, Seafood Restaurant

Taverna del Capitano

Awarded with the Certificate of Excellent for 3 years in a row, this one Michelin star restaurant is rated highly for its amazing quality of dishes with guests often returning more than once. When visiting you can expect to be surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere, Taverna del Capitano is set on the coast of Massa Lubrense and offers seafront views that will make you fall in love. The dress code here is more elegant than the previous two restaurants and we advise it’s not best to visit in your beach clothes.

How to get there:

Car: It’s about 40 minutes away from Sorrento and you will have to go in the direction of Massa Lubrense, then follow the directions (or with help of GPS). Next to the beaches there is a secure pay and park area where you can leave your car.

Bus: Take the Sita bus in the direction of Nerano from the station of Sorrento, the bus will stop right next to the sea.

Taverna del Capitano

Piazza delle Sirene 10/11, Marina del Cantone, 80061, Massa Lubrense, Italia
+39 081 808 1028
Italian, Michelin Star Restaurant

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