Getting from Florence to Sorrento – What’s the best way?

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For those journeying from Florence to Sorrento, our updated guide for 2024 provides all the essential information you need. Discover how to seamlessly travel from Florence to Sorrento and explore the stunning Amalfi Coast with ease.

Located in the heart of the stunning Tuscany region, Florence is considered the home of the Renaissance. Small and intense, Florence is one of the most famous Italian city abroad: the Historic centre, the iconic Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery and Churches make the city a must see destination in Italy. Thousands of travellers and readers write us to know what is the best way to come from Florence to Sorrento.

Well,  it depends on the area where the guests are staying, whether they are travelling in big groups or small ones and if they want to have intermediate stops along the way (e.g. Rome, Naples, Vesuvius, Pompeii Ruins, Hercolaneum).
With a bit of organization and a few days in advance, money and time can be saved.
Find out more about how to travel from Florence to Sorrento in the most convenient and fastest way possible.

Getting from Florence to Sorrento by train

If you are in Florence and you are planning to come to Sorrento for your next trip by train, consider that the train does not arrive straight to Sorrento but it stops in Napoli Centrale first. From Napoli Centrale you will then have three different options to arrive to Sorrento: circumvesuviana train ( a local train similar to the metro), ferry and private transfer.
We’ll see this later, let’s start from Florence now!
Once in Florence ensure to be in the right railway station within at least 30 minutes from departure and do not forget to buy tickets in advance. The train is a great way of seeing Italy! In Florence there are several railway stations that offer national services, but there are two main railway station that connects Florence to Naples  and here stop all trains that connects Florence to the Center and South Italy:

  • Firenze SMN (Santa Maria Novella), the main railway station, is located in the heart of the city and the place where your will find the main bus station for local buses, airport buses and trains.

  • Firenze Campo di Marte, situated not too far from the center, it is the second-biggest station with service from both regional and high-speed trains.

The two main railway companies that quickly connect Florence to Naples and cover national routes are:


The train journey from Firenze SMN to Napoli on Italo and Trenitalia’s high- speed trains takes approximately 3 hours. More than 60 trains make this trip every day: the first leaves Florence at 6:00 a.m., the last at 8:50 p.m, and trains run every 30 minutes. Many of  Italo and Trenitalia’s high-speed trains travelling from northen Italy to Napoli and the south of Italy, pass through Firenze SMN station before reaching Napoli Centrale stations.

Here’s a map to better understand where Florence SANTIA MARIA NOVELLA and Florence CAMPO DI MARTE are located.

Once you have reached Napoli Centrale station you have three choices on how to get to Sorrento:

  • Circumvesuviana train: a local train that, in 70 minutes, will take you directly to Sorrento. It is reasonably cheap but crowdy and a bit slow. You can purchase a ticket in one of the newspaper stands in the station; Sorrento is the final stop on the line. A good alternative to Circumvesuviana train is Campania Expess  which takes you to Sorrento in less time, in a more comfortable way but it will cost you twice the fare of Circumvesuviana (around 8 euros) .
  • Private transportation, which you can book in advance, collects you on your arrival at train station in Napoli and takes you straight to your destination in Sorrento. Do not forget to book in advance to save money!
  • Hydrofoils, from Molo Beverello. The route Napoli –Sorrento is run by two companies and ferries run approximately every 90 minutes. The cost is around 20 euros . If you decides to use this type of transportation to Sorrento you will have to take a taxi from Napoli centrale Station to Molo Beverello. The taxi fare varies on traffic and it is approximatelt 10€.

Getting from Florence to Sorrento by bus

The bus is one of the most convenient, economically speaking, ways to transfer from one place to another. From Florence to Sorrento there are a few bus rides a day and if you are not in a hurry and have a lot of luggage, it can be the best solution.

From Florence only the company FlixBus leads to Sorrento center and there are two main spot where you can take it: Piazzale Montelungo and Villa Costanza (Tram 1).

From Florence the only line of buses leading to Sorrento center is Flixbus.


  • Ticket can be purchased online – by selecting the route Florence – Sorrento
  • The ride takes approximately 9 hours  and 30 minutes. There are only night runs, at 2.55 am and 3.20am. Time of arrival is at 12.20, but the trip length depends on the traffic on the highway.

  • The cost of the ticket varies daily, but the price goes from 20€

  • There is a bathroom on board.
  • It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time at the Rome Tributina station.
  • Each passenger is allowed to take 1 item of luggage (max. dimensions per item 31 x 20 x 12 in, 50 lbs. in total) plus 1 carry-on bag (16 x 12 x 7 in, 25 lbs.).
  • There is air-conditioning on the bus.
  • On Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons expect longer journeys, there may be delays

Getting from Florence to Sorrento by private transportation

Definitely the most convenient and fastest way to travel from Florence to Sorrento. The private driver, depending on whether you come by car or minivan, will pick you up at the station, airport or accommodation where you are and will take you directly to Sorrento, to your destination. In total comfort, with air conditioning, flexibility of travel and without having to damage you with luggage between stations and walkways, private transport is the one chosen by the majority of customers, especially if they are groups of more than 5 people. There are numerous companies that offer this service, of course we recommend our guests some of the most professional and safe drivers we know.

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