by Giuseppe Morvillo
Embark on an adventure in the renowned hiking trail of Valle Delle Ferriere. Uncover the top reasons to visit, learn how to get there, and explore our exceptional Valle Delle Ferriere Private Hiking Tour.
by Giuseppe Morvillo
Embark on an adventure in the renowned hiking trail of Valle Delle Ferriere. Uncover the top reasons to visit, learn how to get there, and explore our exceptional Valle Delle Ferriere Private Hiking Tour.

Valle Delle Ferriere

The Valle delle Ferriere is a nature reserve located along the Amalfi side of the coast, whose path generally starts from Pontone and ends in Amalfi. There are many amazing reasons to visit it, especially for those who want to discover an authentic side of the Amalfi coast and like to be immersed in nature. Known mainly for the frozen waterfalls and the ruins that develop along the river, the ironworks valley is one of the most fascinating paths in southern Italy. Recommended for all trekking and walking enthusiasts, the path offers glimpses of the history of the Amalfi seafaring republic and the authentic culture that marked the development of this area.

Discover Valle Delle Ferriere

How Do I Get There?

Starting from Sorrento, after taking the Amalfi Coast road, you will arrive in the town of Ravello. From Ravello, you can take a small path that leads to the stairs towards the hamlet of Pontone, from where the path that enters the valley begins. The Valle delle Ferriere is a very easy path to walk and is suitable for those of all ages, the hiking trail is about two hours and requires no special equipment. After the first stretch where you walk the path, through the woods there are small and large waterfalls that follow one another where you can also swim, great if you’re wanting a refreshing dip to cool down in the hot summer months. The route ends near the famous paper mill in the municipality of Amalfi.

Why Visit Valle delle Ferriere?

Looking to discover the most unique sides of the Amalfi Coast in a beautiful nature filled hike? If so, Valle delle Ferriere is one of those places simply not to be missed. Walking through the woods and in the valley reserve, you will discover the paths of the real Amalfi, a historical Amalfi that was a maritime republic like Venice, Genoa and Pisa. In fact, many centuries ago, all the towns of the Amalfi coast developed mainly in the mountains and so also Amalfi, whose Republic touched various points of the current Peninsula, extended more on the internal side and only thanks to the ingenuity of its inhabitants has it become a pearl of the Mediterranean. The talent of the Amalfi also in exploiting the river and the water for the development of canals, ironworks and the famous paper mills of Amalfi that allowed the rebirth of the current tourist area, that of the Duomo and the promenade to be clear, which was considered the work area.

Valle Delle Ferriere Hiking Tour

Valle Delle Ferriere Private Hiking Tour

If you want to spend a day discovering the Amalfi coast and the valley of the ironworks, we recommend you participate in the tour organised by Nino, one of the most experienced tour guides in Southern Italy. Discover the beautiful coastal towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello and enjoy a pleasant walk to the Valle delle Ferriere in search of a different but no less attractive Amalfi coast, that of history and origins, landscapes and spectacular views. We recommend you to discover the beauty of the Valle delle Ferriere with our tour put together with Nino, one of the most expert guides of the Amalfi coast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it best to walk The Valle delle Ferriere?

Since the temperature is cool and refreshing, thanks to the breeze blowing through the woods, it is not necessary to start early in the morning considering that part of the walk is in the shade. If you want to combine the visit of the Amalfi Coast, then you need to start early in the morning and participate in the tour with Nino.

What are the pro’s of having a guide with me?

Having an expert and highly knowledgable guide with you during your journey of Valle Delle Ferriere allows you to:

  • Know how to best move around and organise your excursion
  • Organise your departure and arrival based on your needs
  • Accommodate the tour should you be visiting with your children or those less experienced in hiking
  • Change of route in case of crowds, for example; another group could block the path ahead, Nino the guide will be able to guide you on alternative paths to get to the same destination
  • Change of route in case of weather changes or excessive temperatures 
  • Assist you to walk safely along the route
  • Share details and secrets of the trails and it’s history you otherwise would not know without a guide
How long does it take to complete Valle delle Ferriere?

In total, it will take you around 2 hours to complete the route, this will also depend on the speed you are walking and the route you have chosen to take.

Where does the route start and finish?

The Valle delle Ferriere tour starts in Pontone and finishes in Amalfi.

How difficult would you say the hike is?

We would classify this hike as low difficulty for those used to walking long distances. 

Why is it called the Valle delle Ferriere?

The Valle delle Ferriere takes its name from the old ironworks, an iron tool factory that is still visible during the journey. In fact, the Rio Canneto flows in the valley, a small stream that in the past served as a driving force for the production of paper in the famous Amalfi paper mills and for the ancient ironworks, which supplied iron from the ancient Amalfi Republic.

What is the minimum age you can do this hike?

The minimum age is 10 years old and of course they must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I need to wear?

You will need appropriate hiking shoes and clothing, to be dressed in layers, water and a camera to capture the moments. The trekking poles are provided by our guide, these are useful when you encounter the steps that take you up and down should you need an extra assistance along your way.

What is the best time of year to walk The Valle delle Ferriere?

It’s possible to participate in this hike all year round, but it is of course much more preferable on non-rainy days.

Is the trail easy to do without a guide?

It’s possible to do the hike without the guide the trail is well marked making it easy to follow. However you could experience a few minor difficulties on your way that you may not know how to face, some areas are quite steep and rocky which is why we do recommend you visiting with a guide so they can help you best.

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